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You’ll never accidentally leave the tap running again with this clever faucet adapter

Saves up to 48% water

Cuts down your bills

Automatically turns off the tap for you

Reduces the risk of accidental flooding

One Touch Timer

Turn all faucets in public facility into best water saver.

1,2,3,4,5 auto-off, easy to save water.

Transform your taps in


EcoTouch is a small but powerful water tap faucet adapter, designed to work with many different types of tap. It takes just minutes to install, and you don’t need to be a professional plumber to set it up.

Once in place, this small gadget will equip your tap with an automatic timer function, meaning that you can never leave it running for longer than you meant to.

How does it work?

The EcoTouch device must be inserted into the end of the faucet.

When installing the device, you can choose your timer settings – anything from 2 to 6 seconds.

All you need to make this adjustment is a simple Allen key. Then it is just a case of twisting the green plastic to the right to increase the number of seconds of water flow, or left to decrease it.

How To Use It

Remove the end of the faucet if necessary.

Decide how long you wish the water to flow for before cutting off automatically and adjust the device accordingly.

Insert the EcoTouch device into the end of the tap, with the green end facing outwards.

Switch on the tap as you would normally. The water should not flow until you touch the end of the faucet.

Watch as the water flow cuts off automatically after the designated number of seconds.

Why you need EcoTouch for your taps



Cost effective

EcoTouch doesn’t require professional installation and it is completely free to run. It will reduce the cost of your bills by reducing the amount of water you waste each month.

Easy to install

Safe and durable

EcoTouch is the best deal around

There are plenty of smart taps on the market but these are often expensive and difficult to install. EcoTouch offers the same capabilities but for a price you can afford. There is no heavy plumbing to be done, the devices can be fitted in minutes meaning no disruption to your daily routines. No tap can offer the same results for such little effort.

What people are saying about EcoTouch



“Between my elderly mother, my absent-minded husband and my haphazard children, our bathroom has been flooded 3 times in as many years. EcoTouch was the perfect solution! Not only has it prevented us from being able to leave the taps running, but it’s actually saving us money on our bills, too!”



“I run a nursery school with up to 100 children using our taps every single day. The children struggled with our taps, and would quite often leave them running for longer than necessary. Since fitting EcoTouch devices to all of the taps we’ve seen a huge reduction in the amount of water we use, and it’s so much more hygienic.”



“I work for the local council, and we are always looking for ways to improve efficiency in public buildings. I’m in charge of maintaining some of the main office spaces we use, and I’ve had EcoTouch devices fitted to all of the taps in the buildings I manage. It was easy to sign off the costs as the devices are so affordable, and we will easily earn the money back in the savings on our water bill. And the best part is, it helps towards our green initiatives too!”

Tested in practice

“I’m a self-employed plumber and I’ve been really impressed by the efficiency of EcoTouch devices. I’ve started recommending EcoTouch fittings on normal taps for my customers, as they offer a more cost-effective solution than smart taps.”

“More and more of my clients are concerned with how they can reduce their water consumption at home and in public spaces, and for me EcoTouch is easily the answer. It’s a product that I trust to do a good job, without costing my clients a fortune!”

– Harry, self-employed plumber

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