Emergencies Abroad Happen All The Time - Don't Let Language Barriers Ruin Your Travels!

Imagine getting a phone call informing you that your son or daughter, who’s studying abroad, has fallen dangerously ill! And then imagine them getting the wrong treatment because of language barrier. Such a nightmare!

A language barrier is one of the most daunting hurdles when it comes to international travel. Even if you carefully plan your vacation, something can still go wrong.

While situations and specific circumstances may differ, there are common problems that happen to all travelers eventually.

  • Medical emergency;
  • Food allergies;
  • Getting lost;
  • Getting arrested;
  • Witness suspicious activity;
  • Missed/delayed flight;
  • Terrible accommodation.

So, language barriers have a major impact on what kind of healthcare services travelers eventually receive abroad. Why? Being unable to speak the local language can result in unnecessary pain, errors in drug perscription, misdiagnoses, or abnormally long hospital stays.

No matter how strong or independent you are, these problems can set in and ruin your trip. It can cause lots of negative emotions, such as loneliness, anxiety, frustration, fear and loss on control. When you find yourself facing a travel problem or three, while hundreds of miles from home, it can push you to your limit and maybe even cause you to cut your trip short.

Pack better. Travel smarter.

When emergencies arise, there’s not always time to wait for an interpreter to arrive on-site. Luckily, technology has come to the rescue of many international travelers! It provides a phenomenal language translator that can prevent or easen up any critical situation that may arise!

Muama Enence is a personal language translator that is ready to translate more than 36 languages in real-time! It’s designed for face-to-face conversations between travelers, business partners, family members, or strangers.

See it in action:

If you’ve ever had to direct a taxi driver in a language you don’t speak or tried to explain your specific food allergies in a foreign restaurant, you know how difficult communication can be. A language translator device like MUAMA Enence can help breaking those language barriers and share what’s on your mind, while getting a clear answer in your native language.

Moreover, explaining your symptoms to a foreign doctor can lead to dangerous complications. Make sure to receive the right treatment while discussing fluently in any medical institutions around the world!

Why is it worth it?

➢ Optimized battery that lasts for 96 hours face-to-face communication without the need to charge;

➢ Due to the dual noise-canceling microphones and speakers, outdoor translations are possible even in a loud environment;

➢ Hand-held size – easy to hold in your pocket so it can be with you at every step, whenever you need. No more FEAR to travel abroad, no more EMBARASING moments, no more MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

➢ Supports Over 36 Languages:

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How can I buy the MUAMA Enence?

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How Good Is It?

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