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Just Put Your Phone
Down on the Table
and It Charges!

No Pad, No Plugs!

Is It Magic?

The Advanced Nikola Tesla Induction Charger That Apple Wishes It Could Sell!

OK, I guess you could call me a techie, and I like to collect gadgets. I like to have the
latest technology in my home and in my car.

It takes a lot to impress me, but the new InvisiCharger is one of the greatest and most useful items I’ve seen in a long time.

Keeping our gadgets charged, like my smartphone, is a huge pain in the you know what. Most of us carry our devices around all day. I know I do.

I need my phone for my job, to keep in touch with my family, to navigate, to text, and to take photos. I need it working all the time and I need it to be charged.

Brand New Wireless Charger Is Powerful and Fast!

There’s a guy named Phil in my company who is in charge of IT. One day, I went into his office and I saw him with three phones sitting on his desk.

He has a few phones because he is constantly on call, and he uses some with dual SIM cards so he can always be available.

Normally, I’m used to seeing this guy with his desk cluttered with chargers and wireless charger pads. So I was surprised to see him with a clean desk.

“Hey, aren’t your phone batteries going to go dead?” I said.

“No way,” he answered. “I’m charging them now.

I looked and didn’t see any chargers attached to the phones. Not even a wireless charging pad.

“How are they charging?”

“I’ve got this brand-new thing that’s amazing. I just found out about them. They’re called invisible charging pads. They keep your phone charged right through the desk. You can put them under your desk, under a table, or they work through any non-metallic surface. Take a look.”

I looked at his phones, and sure enough, they were all almost 100% charged!

The InvisiCharger is going to revolutionize phone charging and you can get them right now!

It’s absolutely the best and most powerful charger you can buy for your phone today!

They are better than charging pads and better than plugging your phone into a wall socket.

– Works with any phone that is Qi-enabled, including Apple iPhones, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and hundreds more!

– It clears up desk space and allows your phone to be ready and charged at any time!

– No ugly wires or charging pads cluttering up your living space. My wife loves it because it keeps our house clean and neat!

– It even works with popsockets and through almost all phone cases!

Uses Advanced Nikola Tesla Technology!

Phil told me: Nikola Tesla actually invented the principle behind it. It’s called induction technology.

In the early 1900’s, Tesla was working for the millionaire George Westinghouse.

Tesla was building a huge induction tower that would provide wireless power to the whole world. Westinghouse was funding him, but he finally realized that what it meant was that everyone on earth could have free electric power wirelessly.

When Westinghouse realized he could not get paid for electric power, Westinghouse yanked the funding. They destroyed the tower!

The InvisiCharger Is Five Times More Powerful Than Other Wireless Chargers!

You can hide the InvisiCharger almost anywhere.

Ordinary wireless chargers work with Qi-enabled phones, but most of them are really slow and don’t give you a fast charge.

You also have to keep your phone directly on top of the wireless charger, and you sometimes have to fiddle around with the position to get it to charge.

The InvisiCharger is one of the most powerful chargers you can buy, and it charges right through tables, desks, glass, almost anything.

You don’t have to put the phone right on top of it. You just hide the charger and leave the phone on the desk.

It comes with attractive stickers that you can use to show what area of the table you can leave your phone.

Just Lay the Phone Down on the Table, and It Charges. That’s It!

Never worry about having your phone charged again. Forget about wires, bad connections, and frayed cables. It just works!

So clear off your desk. Don’t clutter it with another charger. Just use the InvisiCharger.

The InvisiCharger is 100% safe. There is no risk of any kind of electric shock. Safe for kids, pets, and humans!

It’s super powerful. It charges fast with high-power inductive energy. Tesla cars use superchargers; now you can supercharge your phone with the amazing InvisiCharger!

Here’s My Experience: (Now There’s Even a Special 50% Earlybird Discount!)

It worked flawlessly. My wife loves it because she hates messes and clutter. My kids like it too. They always forget to charge their phones, but now they just put it down on the coffee table at home and their phones top up fast!

The InvisiCharger will charge your phone through almost any phone case. It is strong and powerful!

This is really super-effective and amazing new tech. The techie in me is happy, and the InvisiCharger is really a game-changer!

One day, all electronics will charge quickly and neatly, but you can experience it now!!

This is just amazing, and it works as advertised. I told all my friends, and I wanted to let my internet friends know too!

Here’s where I ordered. They’re running an introductory 50% promotion, so jump on it now before the price gets raised or they run out!

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