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The Memory-Foam Seat Cushion That Adapts To You

Even expensive, ergonomic desk chairs won’t always keep you pain-free. But with Klaudena Seat Cushion, you can make any chair comfortable and pain-free.

✅ Molds to the shape of your body’s curves to increase blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue and pain.

Softens seats that are too hard, and firms up saggy seats – so you get the perfect comfort level.

✅ Gives a boost to low seats – an easy way to adjust the height of any chair.

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Relieves Back + Hip Pain

Take Anywhere

Adapts To Your Body

Ideal For Desk Workers

Sitting For Long Hours Is The Worst. Isn’t It?

It’s uncomfortable — plenty of shifting and readjusting, but nothing changes.

It’s painful — Back, hip, sciatica pain, muscle fatigue. Everything hurts after a while.

It’s unproductive — you get less work done even when you know you’re capable of much more.

How Klaudena Works

1. Pure memory foam
Adjusts to your exact shape and weight.

2. Allows air to circulate
Making it cool and breathable.

3. Ergonomic shape
Keeps your spine straight – no more harmful slouching.

4. Light and portable
Easily take it anywhere – in your home, office, airplanes, cars.

Klaudena Vs Standard Cushions

Klaudena Memory Foam  Cushion

Made from pure, premium memory foam, Klaudena naturally adapts to your body’s curves to make any chair ergonomic.


Desk chairs, home office chairs, armchairs, airplane seats – any seat becomes supportive and gains pain-relieving properties in seconds.

Standard Cushions

Standard cushions might make you temporarily more comfortable, but they can’t improve your posture.


Klaudena is designed specifically for people who need to sit for long periods, giving you the ergonomic support you need to avoid muscle pain.

Poor Sitting Posture Is Causing You More Harm Than You Realize

You know that discomfort you feel in your back, butt, or tailbone when you sit? It’s a huge deal.


Most of us spend far more time sitting than our bodies are designed for. 8+ hours at an office desk – or worse, on the couch with a laptop – can quickly lead to muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue.


Don’t wait until the pain becomes permanent. Easily tackle discomfort and relieve your body from the burden of sitting by getting Klaudena.

Join The Thousands Of  People Who’ve Already Fixed Their Posture & Banished Muscle Pain

Transform Any Chair Into An Ergonomic Chair

Secure, No Slip Design

Klaudena can be safely used on any seat, anywhere. Desk chair, car seat or couch – it’ll stay put with no risk of slipping or sliding.

Relieves Pressure, Reducing Pain

Klaudena can be safely used on any seat, anywhere. Desk chair, car seat or couch – it’ll stay put with no risk of slipping or sliding.

Pain Prevention

Klaudena will give you instant relief from bad posture induced muscle pain – and it’ll stop it from happening again.

Sit Comfortably, Anywhere

In the office
Prevent pain and other bad posture related problems caused by being stuck at your desk.

Make even economy flights and long drives far more comfortable and relaxing.

At home
Make sure your time on the couch gaming or relaxing doesn’t lead to a painful back due to bad posture.

Transform Your Posture

Poor posture leads directly to back, hip and leg pain. Without proper support, slouching is inevitable. With Klaudena, you can’t help but sit naturally straight and pain-relieved.

What Customers Have to Say About Klaudena


Really helpful for the lower back pain and neck pain I have suffered in the past few years on the road. I don’t have to take as many driving breaks, and I sleep much better.

– Jack T.

✅ Verified Buyer


This cushion is nice, firm, and supportive. I can clean it whenever I want, and that’s my best feature. I’d like more covers to come with it, though. Thoroughly enjoying myself with Klaudena.

– Ciara L.

✅ Verified Buyer

Whoever said no pain, no gain??? My productivity has improved two or three times improved because I don’t feel pain when working.

– Adam S.

✅ Verified Buyer

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If Klaudena doesn't work for you, you may return it within 30 days for a refund.


A: The Klaudena is designed to help you relieve and prevent pain that results from sitting for too long – including back pain. If your back pain is the result of an injury or something else, it may help, but check with your doctor before using.

A: Not at all. The Klaudena is very light and easy to transport – it should fit easily in most medium-sized bags.

A: Yes! The Klaudena can be used on any chair – including desk chairs, car seats and couches. Simply place it on, and its contoured shape will mean it stays put (no sliding).


A: No. While some memory foam products can cause overheating, Klaudena is designed to allow air to circulate, meaning it supports without making you sweaty.

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