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This Japanese Invention Lets You Have Internet Connection Wherever You Are

What if I told you that from now on… every camping trip you go to, every long drive you take, every time you travel… you can have a free and insanely fast WI-FI connection (even in the mountains)? It may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but that’s exactly what Muama Ryoko does!

Last week I was given the opportunity to do a live Q&A session on Local Travel Examiner’s Facebook page. One of the first questions people asked me was “How do I find consistent Wi-Fi while I’m on road trips?” And this is a question I get asked many times… somehow SLOW Wi-Fi is still a first world problem in 2024.

To be honest, having a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection whenever I needed one was a pain in the ass just a couple of months ago. Until I found Muama Ryoko!

So what I’m talking about. Muama Ryoko is a pocket-sized wireless modem, which creates a Wi-Fi network around itself using 4G LTE.

Ryoko has come to me ready to use with a pre-installed SIM card. So, all I have to do is just turn it on and use it! Ryoko covers over 100 countries across the globe, so I can forget about using unsecure public Wi-Fi or paying high international roaming charges

As a frequent traveler and camping fan, I can’t get enough of it! It is invaluable for staying in touch with work, getting GPS driving (and walking) instructions, working with e-mail and posting updates for my fellow travelers. And it brings internet to the most remote places, woods, lakes.

I can connect my phone, my laptop and my wife’s tablet and phone at once, and they all get high-speed internet! Actually, it allows to connect up to 10 devices, which will turn out a lot cheaper than paying for a mobile data plan for each of these devices. This thing is a life saver!

I love its portable design. It is very light, small and stylish, and easy to hold in my hand or pocket.

Battery seems to be able to easily get through 15 hours of fairly continuous usage. My phone allowed texting and phone calls over Wi-Fi – so I was able to use my phone without incurring roaming fees.

And the best part - NO hidden charges!

No Contract

With a SIM card already pre-installed

Superfast 150Mbs WiFi Speed

My opinion – Buy it while it is still available

A portable Wi-Fi is an ideal item for those who need a safe, permanent and mobile internet connection without any contract. It is in extremely high demand and is selling out quick. The company is now offering a one-time discount of 70% off and FREE shipping on ALL orders! Sharing a link where you can order Muama-Ryoko from the official online store >>


Bob M.
It absolutely has a home in my travel bag! Im using it when going to my summer house or short road trips. Everywhere connection is fast and great Bob

THIS device literally SAVED my life when I was camping in Sweden!

Simon M.
Great way to stay connected while camping

Service works well! Have used it across Europe. Thank you, Ryoko!

I find it useful everywhere. If there’s cell towers, there’s internet. Often it is better than the local wifi – even in airports. I travel the world as a digital nomad and my Ryoko is one of the 5 must have things in my carry on! 😊

I work with clients and need a good and stable connection and I get that 95% of the time with Ryoko.

I use this mobile router when I go out of town, and it’s been a solid performer

This is great for me on the road because I can use my cell phone data at home and while at at work I’m in the truck. I love the fact that it actually works

Worked like a charm in Germany

Reader's Review

Tom Brant, 54 claims, “It works perfectly! I love it. And the fact that it has SIM card already pre-installed is great! I would recommend it to anyone traveling abroad or searching for cheap Internet option at home…”

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