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Save a Ton of Money!

SmartChoice LED Bulbs Use
85% Less Electricity & Last 15x Longer

I Used To Hate LED Light Bulbs – Until I Discovered The Newest and Brightest LED Bulbs Available!

No More Dim, Sickly Blue LED Lights! No More Super-High Cost!

We all know what a drag it is when a lightbulb burns out.

It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, like in the middle of the night, or in a room with no windows – leaving you fumbling in the dark, trying to screw in a new bulb without falling off a ladder!

What if I told you about a NEW kind of LED bulb that lasts 15 TIMES LONGER than old-fashioned, incandescent bulbs – AND saves you money on your electrical bills?

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I know what you’re probably thinking. Maybe you don’t like LED light bulbs. Well let me tell you – I didn’t use to like ’em either. That was until I discovered the latest in HIGH-BRIGHTNESS, ENERGY-EFFICIENT LED BULBS from SmartChoice Energy!

Technology changes so quickly nowadays. Buy a new computer or smartphone today and it’ll be obsolete in less than 2 years. You know how it goes.

Science is moving forward in huge leaps and bounds—technology is changing and advancing every single day! So why are you still using old-fashioned lightbulbs that literally haven’t changed since they were invented way back in 1879??

There are some products that you try once and think, “This still needs a lot of work, it won’t be practical until sometime in the future.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that THE FUTURE IS NOW. LED light bulbs haven’t just become as good as the old-fashioned bulbs – they’re actually BETTER! And if you don’t use them, you’re way behind the curve – paying far more for worse quality lighting – and who would want to do that?

I Used to Hate LED Light Bulbs… But I Wouldn’t Switch Back to Old-Fashioned Bulbs Now if You Paid Me!

I tried using LED light bulbs just a few years ago, but frankly, my eyes couldn’t stand them (and neither could my wallet!) I’m sure you’ll recognize at least a few of these problems that used to drive me CRAZY:

  1. They cost WAY too much! When LED light bulbs for the home first came onto the market, they could cost as much as $90 for each bulb! But even when the prices finally started dropping they were STILL way too expensive! What good is saving money on your electrical bill when the simple act of buying the bulbs nearly puts you in the poor house?
  2. They weren’t bright enough! The old LED bulbs simply didn’t put out enough light! They made everything far more difficult to see, so forget about using them to read! When I wanted to read the ingredients on food packaging, I literally had to go and grab a flashlight!
  3. The light was too BLUE! They made my home look like a coroner’s autopsy room and my guests look like zombies! It was like every bulb came with a blue filter over it, making everything look sterile, ugly, and washed out.

Well, this NEW GENERATION of LED BULBS has literally CHANGED EVERYTHING. ALL of the “old LED” problems of yesteryear are GONE. These new LED bulbs from SmartChoice Energy give me only the BEST, BRIGHTEST, and MOST PLEASING quality of home lighting.

The Time to Change Over to LED Bulbs is Now

If You Don’t, You Are Literally Throwing Your Hard-Earned Money Straight Into the Trash!

What changed? How did I, a confirmed LED-hater, become one of their most enthusiastic supporters?

Well, there’s this company called SmartChoice Energy. When all the other home lighting companies were lining their pockets selling ugly blue LED lights that would empty your wallet and make you half-blind, the engineers at SmartChoice Energy decided to take a different approach. And thank God they did!

One by one, they tackled EVERY problem there was with LED bulbs. Simply put, their new LED bulbs are the best lights I’ve ever used – of any kind!

You see, SmartChoice Energy knew that people would never adopt LED lighting in their home if the bulbs cost so much money! Who would ever buy them when you could still get the old-fashioned, incandescent bulbs that only cost a few dollars for a pack? And if they were good enough for mom and dad, they must be good enough for me, right?

After all, incandescent bulbs had been lighting homes for over a century! Sure, they didn’t last very long. Sure, they gobbled up electricity like a starving wolfSure, they were hot enough to give you second degree burns if you accidentally touched them…

But even with all of these obvious faults, a lot of people simply stuck with the old tried and true. They would say if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it… and they kept on paying those high electricity bills for the privilege!

I understand. I did it too. But all of that is changed now. Let me tell you, point by point, how you are wasting time, money, and electricity by not using SmartChoice Energy LED light bulbs in YOUR home!

Why Should I Switch to SmartChoice Energy LED Light Bulbs?

What Makes SmartChoice Energy the Real Smart Choice in Home Lighting??

  1. Scientific studies have shown how dangerous lack of sleep can be to people. In addition to the obvious health issues of a lack of good sleep, studies have shown that driving tired is virtually as dangerous to your safety as driving drunk!

    But thankfully, the NEW LED lights offered by SmartChoice Energy have solved this horrible problem, once and for all! Emitting a NICE, PLEASANT, WARM tone of light (just like the old-fashioned bulbs), SmartChoice Energy bulbs create a quality of light that is comfortable and relaxing. NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS caused by horrible blue LED lighting!

  2. THE NEW LED BULBS ARE AS BRIGHT as can be! Forget about the old, dim LED bulbs of yesteryear. The new LED bulbs offered by SmartChoice Energy are just as bright as the old-fashioned, expensive-to-use light bulbs of mom and dad’s time. And they come in a variety of brightnesses, just like the old-fashioned bulbs.

    In fact, all of the major movie studios have switched entirely over to LED lighting in just the past few years (and NOTHING requires bright lighting like filming a movie). With millions of dollars resting on the success of a movie or TV show, the studios use only the BEST technology available – and if there was ANYTHING better than LED lighting, you can be sure the movie studios would be using it instead!

    Of course, these professional LED lighting units cost thousands of dollars apiece, but the people at SmartChoice Energy have taken this same technology used by the pros and made it AFFORDABLE for people like you and me. Now you can have big-budget, Hollywood movie quality lighting in your own home!

  3. THESE NEW LED BULBS LAST UP TO 17 YEARS! The efficient production and intelligent engineering used by SmartChoice Energy allows them to sell LED light bulbs at just a FRACTION of what the old LED bulbs used to cost. You pay as little as $4.99 per SmartChoice Energy bulb!

    Forget about old-style bulbs that sometimes burn out in just a few months. The LED bulbs offered by SmartChoice Energy last up to 17 years! That’s 15 times longer than old-fashioned bulbs.

    When you factor in how many times you will need to replace burned-out old-fashioned bulbs in that time, the price per old bulb becomes a staggering $99.00 per lamp or fixture! Compare that to the only $4.99 price of each SmartChoice Energy bulb, which lasts up to 17 YEARS. And now add that same $99.00 for each and EVERY light socket in your home!

    Still think you’re getting a bargain by buying cheap, old-fashioned light bulbs?


    The LED bulbs offered by SmartChoice Energy use 85% LESS ELECTRICITY than standard light bulbs. And when you consider how much more energy efficient they are, each SmartChoice Energy LED bulb literally pays for itself in just a few months!

    The cost of lighting a home has almost DOUBLED since 2001. By 2025, experts predict that lighting will make up a staggering 45% of a homeowner’s electric bill. That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at!

And better yet, LED BULBS ARE SAFE FOR CHILDREN! When I was six years old I touched the light bulb in my grandmother’s antique Tiffany lamp. I burned the heck out of my fingers, and I cried like a baby!

But these new SmartChoice Energy LED bulbs barely generate ANY heat, making them much safer to use around cribs and in nurseries! No more danger from super hot light bulbs!

Here’s another thing you should know about: the US government is banning old-fashioned light bulbs due to how much energy they waste. There are upcoming laws that will mandate that all households switch to energy efficient LED bulbs. It’s just a matter of time.

You DON’T want to get stuck having to replace ALL the bulbs in your house at once when the incandescent lights finally disappear for good. But you can start saving TODAY by switching to energy efficient, ultra-reliable, environmentally friendly, state of the art, and most of all, AFFORDABLE LED light bulbs by SmartChoice Energy TODAY! Get ahead of the curve, and save yourself from any future, expensive upgrades!

Get the Light Bulb of the Future the Quick and Easy Way – and Start Saving Now!

You can simply order your SmartChoice Energy LED light bulbs right now and they will be delivered directly to your door! There’s no need to worry about damage during shipping, SmartChoice Energy LED light bulbs are very strong and sturdy, not ridiculously fragile and breakable like the old incandescent bulbs.

IT’S A GREAT FEELING saving money without having to do anything! That’s just the kind of savings I love! And every time I switch on one of my SmartChoice Energy LED lights, it’s like having money magically appear in my wallet! And it can be like that for you, too!

Stop wasting energy and money on old, outdated light bulbs! Order SmartChoice Energy LED light bulbs today and start saving instantly!

Order your pack of 12, 24, or 36 SmartChoice Energy LED bulbs today and stop throwing your money into the gutter!

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